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3 Easy Steps to Better Planning, Scheduling, and Tracking

Welcome to SweetRP, the easy approach to Resource Planning.

Please review a few sample screens and you will see what we mean when we say that Resource Planning doesn't have to be as complicated or expensive as you might have been led to believe.

All it takes is three simple steps to get productive. Need help? We would be glad to help you. No charge, no commitment, no problem. If you have about an hour to invest in becoming a more productive and efficient resource manager (Production Scheduler, Planner, Project Manager, Master Scheduler, Supply Chain Manager, your hat goes here :-) ).

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Step 1: Setup

Click on the Setup Tab and enter basic information about your daily hours and workcenters (for capacity planning, scheduling and tracking). Continue with BORs plus Material and Customers Lists, or at any time, you can immediately start entering in Customer Orders and generate a schedule. SweetRP provides simple, integrated screens that allow viewing, editing, updating, and reporting all in one place with the easiest of transactions.

If you have standard products, you could go ahead and define the BORs (Bills of Resources). If you have custom products, or projects, or jobs, etc, you can create the BOR on-the-fly while entering Orders.

Regarding the BOR, SweetRP allows any mix of Products and Workcenters to be blended in any configuration the user desires. Notice the M tying in materials needed at that workcenter.

Step 2: Orders

Easy and intuitive screens display details for each Customer Order. The first screen lists all orders, user notes, scheduled dates, line items, and status. Click on one to drill down details, or click to Start a New Order.

Details about any order are easy to add, edit, and review. An order can contain multiple line items. Each line item can be a standard product, custom job, simple part, or any combination.

Clicking the Details, we have a two line order with each line showing Part/Job, Quantity, total hours to make (across all Workcenters), total costs per workcenter hours and materials, job cost, even a markup and profit summary. Summary schedule information shows Start Date, End Date, Due Date, and status of each line (Released, Completed, On Hold).

Ready to schedule or update details? Simply press the Schedule button for line item.

For new jobs, click Release to Production and Build button. SweetRP features KISS (Keep It Simple Scheduling) which can auto generate the schedule based on capacity, but allow you to override and set overall start dates, end dates, by job, by workcenter, and instantly see the loading effect on the Resource Calendar. For this order only or for all orders and resources. Giving the user the best of both options (automatic scheduling plus easy manual overrides) is what SweetRP is all about.

Step 3: Updates and Reporting

You will love SweetRP's simplicity and elegance. Easy to set up, simple to run and update. Start with a Top Level Gantt Report of all orders in system, and know instantly:

What is in process, and where?

What are customer promise dates, and how are we doing?

Simply click any line to drill down and view details.

At a glance we can see if the Job has been scheduled and if completed. Also, clear color indicators for when the job is scheduled to start, end, due date, and if late (red color). Drill down for details on any Job. As workcenters are worked and flagged as complete, we can track remaining hours and reschedule as necessary.

Standard scheduling will create a feasible time line based on current loads but the user can easily manually override the suggested schedule and fine tune it to best match their flow.

Simple check box for when operation is complete provides instant communication for all users on up to date status.

Potential issues, such as an overload on workcenters or late jobs etc., are easy to view and manage with the View Resource Calendar.

Simply double click on any day and see what is scheduled for that day. Click again on that Job to adjust the schedule to eliminate late jobs, bottle necks, and keep your customers so much happier!

The Workcenter Workload Report shows by Workcenter (People, Cell, Machine, etc.) what they should be working on, in what order, and how long each job should take, in a simple table format.

In SweetRP every screen is linked to all other related screens. So simple to navigate you might find yourself saying "Sweet" over and over again. Here we see a workcenter overload in RED with instant links to Resource Calendar, Gantt View, BOR Details, and more. Make manual overrides and updates as you need to best fit your processes flow. One thing you will not find with SweetRP is the requirement for a lot of configuration and processing flow details. SweetRP is designed to fit around YOU and YOUR company's best practices.

Hard to believe the core of ERP could be this easy? Then, request an evaluation for yourself and begin planning, scheduling, and tracking with SweetRP, the Cloud Based Resource Planner that is down to earth. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and adapting SweetRP to best fit your best practices!

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